University courses

Danube University Krems, Dept. for Image Science

2020-..., Media Art Criticism, MA Media Art Histories, Danube University, Krems

2018/9 and 2016/17, Maps and mapping in media arts

2016/2017, Media of self-representation

2015/2017, Methodologies of interpretation in Media Arts

2015/2016,Conservation and restauration in Media Arts

2008-2012, Technology and Politics

Central European University (CEU), Budapest, History Dept.

1009, Visual culture: theories and methods

University of Split, Fine arts Academy

2014, History and theory of film and video art

Rochester Institute of Technology - ACMT

2009/2010, Introduction to Philosophy

University of Rijeka, Dept. for Cultural Studies

2007-2010, Visual Culture

2007-2010,Systems of Propaganda in Media

2007-2010,Media arts

Unversity of Split, Fine Arts Academy

2005-2006, Art in the XIX century

2005-2006, Art in the XIX and XX century